3d modeling

My name is Milan Borovic and I am 3D designer from Montenegro. My vision is to create highly accurate 3D models for 3d printing as well as realistic renderings of your products for better presentation. I have more than 10 years experience in 3D industry and I’ve been working on many different projects such as architecture, interior design, character modeling for video games, product modeling, prototype modeling, graphic design and web design. I can make any of your ideas into 3D model so you can then print it on 3D printer and have your own real life product for testing purposes or miniature toy of your favorite movie, game or cartoon character. Below you can see my portfolio with the projects which I have done in the past few years.


Contact me by email: monomg@gmail.com



Medallion which I designed for the American rapper Tee Grizzley and the moment when he went to take it from the manufacturer